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Super Bowl coming back to Arizona in 2023

(Arizona Sports 98.7FM – May 23, 2018) – The Super Bowl is returning to Arizona in 2023. Super Bowl LVII will be the fourth Super Bowl held in the Phoenix metropolitan area and third since 2008.

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Phoenix a top moving spot for Californians

(Phoenix Business Journal – June 4, 2018) – For Californians fleeing the high-priced Golden State, Phoenix is a popular — more affordable — landing spot.

Arizona income rising faster than national average

(Phoenix Business Journal – June 3, 2018) – Wages are growing and prices are staying low, meaning the state’s workers have a bit more money to spend.

More ‘location-first’ renters choosing to live in Phoenix, report finds

(Phoenix Business Journal – May 18, 2018) – Affordable housing is a major factor that contributes to why people flock to the Valley.

These 2 Valley cities among the fastest-growing in the nation

(Phoenix Business Journal – May 30, 2018) – Phoenix and one of its far-flung suburbs posted some of the fastest population gains last year.

This Valley city is one of the best to start a career

(Phoenix Business Journal – May 15, 2018) – During graduation season, WalletHub has analyzed U.S. cities to determine the best ones to start a career.

Gilbert to pay as much as $3M for 2,500 jobs with Deloitte

(AZ Central – June 8, 2018) – The new campus for the financial firm Deloitte will help the business expand its cloud, automation and artificial intelligence businesses.

This Valley city named one of the best places for retirees

(Phoenix Business Journal – June 6, 2018) – Access to dining, shopping and entertainment helps make this Valley ‘burb a popular spot for retirees.

CyrusOne scoops up Mesa land for new data center that will power Fortune 1000

(Phoenix Business Journal – June 5, 2018) – The data center REIT grabbed 70 acres in the East Valley for its second major Arizona data center campus.